New Video - "Overtime"

The video was directed by Rachel Lichtman from (an absurdist New Wave music-and-comedy sketch web series).

It was edited by drummer Tom’s daughter Marlena Maginnis.

Bill Janovitz explains more about the video…

The idea came from the song lyric. Rachel was going to round up photos of a few women from our families at various points in their lives, from childhood into motherhood. She had some of her own of her mom and even had some Super 8 footage she thought of mixing in. Then she loaded up just that latter footage of her mom, Susan, with the music to see where she might best use it and it just seemed to synch up perfectly, with no need to go back and use the still shots for the original concept. There was this footage of her mom from childhood to motherhood, all Super 8, which has to be a fairly rare case (my mom might have some stuff of he when she was a child, but not beyond that).

So it is all real vintage footage of one person’s pivot points, from young childhood to young adulthood.

Also Tom’s daughter Marlena Maginnis edited the video, so its all in the family!
— Bill Janovitz